Small & Medium Enterprise Accounting Outsourcing Solutions
No matter which industry you are in, Fingerteeps helps you to realize the benefits of outsourcing your Finance & Accounting workloads alongside enabling you to focus on your core businesses.

Cloud Accounting

Fingerteeps will assess your current business needs, accounting and finance processes, management and suggest the advantages, strategies and steps to empower your organization with the implementation of cloud accounting and computing.

Automation & Efficiency

There are always ways to improve and enhance your current work processes to elevate the efficiency of each team members and ultimately the entire company or organization. Talk to us to find out some of our solutions which are catered to various industries.

Big Data Management & Insights

Is your organization garnering enough useful data and insights to improve your business? Fingerteeps help you to make full use of your financial and accounting data to provide you with detailed reporting and making sure you make supported decisions for your organization.